NEWS UPDATE: NCAA Ticketing Struggles


This week, we’ve been reading a piece in the NYT about NCAA ticketing, when even players on the teams are having trouble getting tickets. Read our summary on our NEWS page!


This week, we're looking at healthy alternatives for your gameday snackathon! We've broken down the advantages of eating healthy during the big game, and put together some tips to get you started. See more under LIFESTYLE!


Creating Your Perfect Gameday Crib: We’ll talk through the best seating combinations, our favorite A/V equipment for watchings sports, and more! Plus, we’ll have some tips on staying awake through the big game, including how to find beds that will help you sleep better so you can stay alert for all the big plays. In the meantime, we found some great pointers for sports fans at


Did you know?

The first ever basketball game in the NBA was almost 70 years ago! The New York Knicks edged out the Toronto Huskies 68-66 in the first every matchup on November 1, 1946. One other fun fact: Any fan taller than Toronto center George Nostrand got in for free.

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